About us

Play, Participation, Possibilities is a result of the collaborative effort of many people. With support from the Alberta government, faculty at MacEwan Early Learning and Child Care Program, and Mount Royal Department of Child and Youth Studies, worked with the professional field to develop and pilot this curriculum framework, which is intended to guide the practice of early childhood educators working in centre based child care and family day homes in Alberta.

The team of writers included: Lee Makovichuk, Jane Hewes, Patricia Lirette, and Nancy Thomas, faculty of MacEwan University. Our goal was to invite, gather, and listen to insights from many who work and support children and families in the field of early learning and child care in Alberta. We acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of many, who are listed in the framework, and many more people who supported us to bring these ideas into view.

We know that this work is not complete; rather, it is a beginning—an invitation to think about, reflect on, and examine what we do and what we say in our working relationships with children, their families and one another. Inspired by the many educators who worked along with us, helping us to describe the importance of what they do each day in playrooms with children, we acknowledge their courage to make visible their curriculum decisions.